Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sprite Wins!

Just got off the phone with my dad:

Swallow test--passed!
No more feeding tube!
First liquid nourishment of choice: Sprite.

Oh, & I almost forgot--he got the neck brace off too!

The doctors indicate that unless we hit any unexpected bumps, Brian will be moved down to the regular care (10th) floor in "the next couple of days."

Can you believe it!?!? Sixteen days in ICU & he's healed so much that he's ready for the regular floor. Some of the nurses were predicting he'd be in there for a month or more but then again some seeing the shape he was in when he arrived December 14th thought he might not be alive either.

My dad also said he had a weightlifter/bodybuilder of a nurse last night, familiar with our little magician's reputation, who tied him down & told him to try & even get out of that one. Ten minutes later...the nurse is at the sink & hears "tap, tap..." Brian's holding the gloves up in his hand.

Oh, and did I mention that he also pulled the new trach out entirely (before he'd just been popping the tube in & out) last night? And, yes, the staff have decided once again, well, maybe he's trying to tell us he doesn't need this thing...for now.

He seems in better spirits at least for today & I think my dad is actually being convinced that he's seeing enough progress to take a break from his 24 hour vigilance...besides, I tried to tell him, you gotta go away sometime if you ever want Brian to miss you.

I also couldn't help but notice that he's officially hit 100 followers on the blog & I know there are so many more checking in on him too. Thank you for your concern, encouragement, & answered prayers!

Praise God for His Love & Faithfulness! He's given Brian natural gifts to pull through this situation & building those gifts into so many more:

Many, O LORD my God, [are] Your wonderful works [Which] You have done; And Your thoughts toward us Cannot be recounted to You in order; [If] I would declare and speak [of them], They are more than can be numbered (Psalm 40:5).

I absolutely CANNOT wait to see Brian this weekend (& from what I'm told he might actually miss me too [that's there just to remind him when he reads this blog & he wants me to leave him alone, that at one point in all of this he actually missed me & I'm not going anywhere, Bible verses & all]!!! :)


  1. This is great news. We are excited to hear about how fast Brian is healing. Keep fighting! We hope to come visit sometime soon.
    Dana and Chris

  2. Keep up the rest, healing, and Hope, Brian. :)

    Happy New Year!

  3. Brian and Keeter Family

    Happy New Year, may the New Year bring many blessings to you all, and a speedy recovery for Brian. My thoughts and prayers are with you always.

  4. Hi Brian,
    I heard about your accident on a NC State Sports forum which cited this blog as a way keep up with your recovery. It is so encouraging to see your continuing improvement in these past days. I just wanted to let you know that they are people that you don’t know that are praying for you and your family during this difficult time. I’ve been praying that God will give you and your family courage, strength and patience during your road back to recovery and I’m also praying for your doctors that God will give them wisdom so they can make the proper decisions on your medical care. It looks like your greatest asset is your family that will help you along on this long road back. Please keep fighting and be strong and we look forward to reading about your speedy recovery on this blog.

  5. Kara,
    Hi. This is Cyndi Vollrath (now Moore) from your OLD middle and high school days. I had heard about Brian in the paper when he had his accident and I'm so glad I found this blog today. I just read through his progress and am amazed at your family's strength. I will pray that his recovery continues at the same speed and strength.
    I am in Charlotte, too, and I would love to see you at the hospital if you are in town this weekend. I have a one year old son as well and he might provide some good laughs and relief for you and your family - or I can just sit with you and talk. If you want. My email is if you'd like to contact me.

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!

  6. Ah,Lord God thou hast made the heavens and the earth by thy great power and outstretched arm.Nothing is to difficult for thee.Jer.32:17
    We are holding on to this and beliveing this and are confident in this Awesome GODof ours. Kara you are blessing ourlives more
    than you canimagine bythis blog. Thank you. Our family is lifting you all up to the throne and asking God to strengthen,encourage, and bless you all. Brian is always in our thoughts and prayers daily and sometimes hourly.We aappreciate you all and love you dearly.
    The Jack Allison Family

  7. Keeter Family and Keet,
    Just wanted to wish all of you a Happy New Year and many positive blessings for the new year!!

    Keet I'm so glad that you are still making progress each and every day. Love ya buddy

  8. Happy New Year Brian!!! I was so excited when Troy told me you ate a cheeseburger!!! I'm coming to visit you next weekend so be ready! I cannot wait to see you. :)


  9. Hi Keeter family,

    I went to Cary High with Myra and Leah and my brother, Matt, was Brian's year in school. We were forwarded this blog along with information about Brian, and have been following his status over the holidays, keeping Brian, and your family in our prayers.

    On a personal note, your blog has been very helpful for me and my family, as this past week my dog was diagnosed with a rare spinal condition that caused paralysis, leading to emergency back surgery. Your words, inspiration, faith and well-selected bible verses have inspired hope in my family as we are rallying around our little dog, and Brian, hoping for full and rapid recovery.

    Wishing you a New Year filled with good news, love and blessings.

    Jenny Webber