Saturday, December 20, 2008

That Annoying, Yet Vital, Breathing Machine

Is apparently here to stay. Grrrr...

I just spoke with my dad & he said that Brian had another one of those expected unexpected set backs again this evening.

The nurse this morning told us that as Brian becomes more aware of the situation--the tubes, the pain, etc., the agitation will increase. This was the case this afternoon as he went into a sort of hypervenilation, which was compounded by some build up from the pnuemonia. They had to clear his lungs & though the ultimate goal remains to wean him off the ventilator (He was getting so close again today!), he's back on it once again.

My dad just wanted potential visitors know once again that we so greatly appreciate your love for Brian; however, the nurses want us to keep it light with the visitors again this week...small numbers, no questions, minimal talking, etc. He constantly stresses he wants people to understand we are only saying to wait & not be discouraged from continuing to support Brian in the long run. Of course, I see the blog so I know that all of you are still out there praying for him & only want what's in his best interest for recovery. ;)

I will continue to keep everyone posted on his progress. I simply see this as God's way of ensuring that Brian gets the physical, mental, & spiritual rest, strength, & focus on the Lord that he needs in order to be fully ready to start the work ahead of him. Time alone now with Him will only make the inevitable distractions & discouragements of the world that much weaker.

Please feel free to continue those tough rehab days where Brian has time alone, reading this blog to help him learn how far he has come, how many lives he has touched, & will only undoubtedly serve to inspire him to keep on working...


  1. Hey Kara...
    Christy Waters Burgess here, Gail Boyd told me what happened and I just wanted you all to know we are praying for you guys. Sounds like your brother has a lot of fight in him! Know you all continue to be in our thoughts.

  2. Brian Bear, I love you boo....get your rest so you can heal. we are all thinking of you constantly. :)

  3. As everyone has already posted, Brian is a fighter. He has always been there for all of us, struggling wish our pain and issues, and now it is our turn to return the many favors he has single-handedly accomplished for us. I too was a bit upset to know he would be on the ventilator until probably Tuesday, but he is strong and will come through. I know we all miss his crazy attitude and words and we all struggle to find our place in this crisis. Please know that without everyone's support and prayers, we would all be struggling even more. The Keeter family has been through a lot, and every little bit counts! Thank you all so much for your prayers, thoughts, and understanding.
    I miss you baby!!! Three squeezes for you too!

  4. Brian, you are still in my prayers. Tom is praying, too. I know God is working in and through you. It sounds like you are the most popular guy around! Remember you are in a marathon, not a sprint.. pace yourself and trust God to take you along.
    Kara, thanks for the continued updates. Now we see another reason for all that writing and reporting you have done - you sure are good at this! Greatly appreciate knowing what's up with Brian.
    Our love to you both! Tom & Sue Webb

  5. Hi Brian, Eventhough I'm up North I'm still here with you. Thanks Kara for keeping us abressed on the steps towards recovery (Mom and Dad are probably tired of me calling Sometimes I want to cry, but the Lord says to be of good cheer for the battle is already won. Tell Brian his little brother asked about him and Tameka, Jaylyn and I are in there with him. Love you guys.

  6. B,
    Your killin me son!! No more setbacks!! (although i know they arent your fault) You better fight all this and never give up ... Because I know if I am ever going through anything I could count on you to pick me up and dangit me and all of these people praying and following your recovery are going to be here for you ... I pray for you and your family every day for this to all be better ... You may not know this but your life impacts people in such a positve way stay strong man love ya buddy

  7. Brian,

    We are continuing to pray for you. You are so blessed to have a loving and spiritual family to support you during this time. You are a fighter and a true inspiration to all of us. We will be here for you!

    Will and Jennifer

  8. Kara, Bret and I asked the nurse(or maybe she was the physical therapist) if we could visit. She encouraged us. Since your mom was not there when we were we just briefly spoke to Brian. He seemed to be sleeping and did not open his eyes. Bret and I just greeted him quietly, placed gifts and left. Your mom reassured me that we did not disturb him. Still, I believe I need to wait for a clear word before I return. Emma helped with the snowman cookies. She also reminded me to pray for Brian when I said the blessing at lunch Friday. Since she is only three years old, I was surprised but very pleased. My daughter-in-law Sharon helped me arrange the basket. She wrapped it up for me. Let us know what would help you. We are not far away. Love, Aunt Polly

  9. Hey Brian, we are praying for you and your family constantly and will continue to do so to get you through this. We are flying back to NC today, but we will wait to come see you once you can receive regular visitors. Once you can, we will be right back up there. Keep fighting and we love you!

  10. KEET,

  11. Unlike most of you on here, I do not personally know Brian, however, he was my favorite player when he was at State. Brian, know that many fans like me are praying for you.

  12. Brian,

    You are in my constant thoughts and I will continue to ask God to watch over you.
    Keep fighting!

    Kelly Whelan

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