Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Small Miracles

Ok, so my little son continues to help his Uncle Brian by taking one of the longest naps he's taken in quite some time so I can update you all again. Those little blessings mean so much!

I'm going to try to remember what my parents said about their meeting with the rehab doctors yesterday.

First, let me note that Brian is currently recovering from this morning's surgery. It sounds like his body is showing (understandably) the beating it has taken from the accident & the procedures to bring him to ground zero. Thank the Lord we have more than our physical bodies to live for!

Anyway, at this point, my parents have decided to keep him in Charlotte for the first month of rehab. They have a great program, in fact, two of the doctors themselves were involved in accidents--physically active & strong men who are now in wheelchairs. Again, what a small blessing that Brian is in a place where he has doctors who deeply & personally know what lies ahead & are proof that God is glorified in all things!

Also, Brian's good friend from high school, a Wilmington physical therapist, drove into see him last night & has been here today. He was able to take a tour of the rehab hospital with my parents & ask some helpful questions with his background and training that my parents wouldn't have thought to ask. He, too, was impressed with the program & my mom was so thankful he "just happened" to be there today when this part of the process took place.

Of course, we still don't have an exact prognosis for the spinal cord other than what the neurosurgeon said the other day from his initial impression though I imagine now they have the spine stable that testing to determine where Brian is (for now, though the trauma itself can always create some loss of sensation as well) to know how to prepare his rehab program will begin shortly.

Also, we are so fortunate to have my dad's loving sister & her husband here in Charlotte, who, along with their friends, are taking such great care of us & providing us with a wonderful place to stay. Again, there is such comfort in all the blessings God provides to embrace Brian & his family during this crisis.

The rehab doctors initial plan is to keep Brian here for at least four weeks of therapy. The best outcomes, which they believe are possible, come with a committed patient and the unwavering support of family & friends. Thereafter, we will see where to go from there.

(**Just spoke with my mom, she said Brian is not as responsive as yesterday but again, we don't expect him to be with the surgery this morning. He did acknowledge my dad though & indicate that he's not in any pain, so he can get some much needed rest.)

Again, I can't say enough how much Brian will need your prayers & support for many, many months. Thank you all.


  1. Kara & Keeter Family,

    Hunter and I want you all to know that we're keeping you all and Brian in our thoughts and prayers as he goes through this difficult time. It is great knowing that Brian will be surrounded by a family the believes in him, loves him and has a resounding faith.


  2. Just another note i have been at the hospital all week and i want everyone to know that Brian really has been exceeding all expectations and since sunday he has come a long way from this ... With that said we must continue the support throughout his road to recovery because thats going to be the time he really needs us all and Brian this to you I love you man and you are in my prayers but in no way does that mean i have a mancrush on you haha but were all here for you so get it together and get back to the brian keeter we all know and miss


  3. Brian,

    BTW, I have always thought Troy had a mancrush on you!!!!!

    Keep up the fight and keep getting better so we can debate this Troy thing.

  4. You guys are silly! I'm sure Brian would have a great deal to add to your "man-crush" comments from earlier, as well as in the hospital! haha.
    it's expected that he wouldn't be too responsive while you guys are there, just wait til I get there! we'll be raising the roof again :)
    miss you babe

  5. Hi Kara and Family,

    Thank you so much for this blog. I am a longtime friend of Brian's and I was devastated to hear the news. I will be following his recovery. I know that Brian is a fighter and if anyone can make it through this difficult time he can. Please please tell him that Michelle, Sherri's friend, is sending him lots of love, hugs and prayers from San Francisco. Also tell him that he will always be my "Care Bear". He was there for me so many times when I needed him or just someone to make me laugh. "Care Bear" was always my special name for him and he will know what you mean when you say it. God Bless you and your family Kara!

  6. Kara and family,

    Please let Brian know that he is in our prayers and has been added to the prayer list at our church.

    Jim and Susan Merrell

  7. You are in our thoughts and prayers! We love you Brian. Dana and Chris

  8. Thanks for letting us know all the updates. Keep hanging in there BK.