Saturday, October 2, 2010

Brian: October Update

Like I said in my last update I am getting ready to head back up to Baltimore for another 2 weeks of therapy.  It will be interesting to see what progress I have made since I left and what adjustments and new things they want to try.  I will be there 10/3-10/16.  I am not quite as excited as the first time going but I am looking forward to seeing what they say and getting to work. Also I will get to see Shawn/Javaar Sanders (was a close friend since middle school but became more like a brother and son to my family) and meet his newborn son.
Recently Kara posted a video of stuff I had done at Race To Walk and I told her that video was maybe six months old and I know I have made progress since then.  I have heard from a few people that came away impressed with the video.  I think I have a hard time associating and calling my small gains progress but I know it is, although it may be SLOW and subtle.  Just last week I  did a full sit up and we hadn’t tried one In a while but I know I could not do that six months ago and try to remind myself that I could not feel or move anything below my belly button less than a year and a half ago.  I still kind of only see progress as something more significant and that shows clear movement leading to getting me out of this chair I hate so so much.
I have actually decided to try to take some video of the things I will do in Baltimore and Atlanta and at some point show some updated footage from Race To Walk.  I guess I want to show people that I am making some progress and also show the many people that have graciously donated to help me afford some of the opportunities and recovery efforts they have helped me be able to do.  Understand that I have never owned a camera in my life, I really never liked being in pictures and I am terrible with the on command smile.  I have only a few pics I keep of family, especially my good looking niece and nephew and a few of my good looking dog, Rocco.  I also have a few that I say I keep as proof to show that I have been able to trick a couple of beautiful girls to hang out me on occasion. Since I felt this way about pictures before my accident I am sure you can just imagine how much I don’t want to see myself now. 
That phobia aside, I hope to have some footage to post in the next few weeks.  I want to thank all the people who continue to read this blog and even email me or call me to check in once in a while. It really means a lot to me and does help to keep me going some tough times.