Sunday, December 28, 2008


Just spoke with my parents. Brian had an EKG & ultrasound to identify potential causes for the irregular heart rate. Both tests revealed nothing more than we already know, the fact that he has a irregular heart rate. They are going to start him on beta blockers this evening. The doctors would like to know what might be causing this; however, it is a good thing that tests have been ruling out more serious concerns. They also indicate that this is something they see in trauma patients.

Brian was a lot less agitated & fearful today. Yesterday, the only comfort he seemed to find from all the pain & madness was being held by his mom (And I know those of you who know his mom know that she's one of the best mom-type caretakers out there, awwww....Mrs. Keeter! I know that's what you are all saying right now!)

Nonetheless, he still managed to pull out three feeding tubes (as in the one feeding tube had to be reinserted four times today) & the catheter despite being tied in bed with mitts over his hands. Really. Thus, the ICU nurses have nicknamed him "Houdini."

I like to think that these things, prolonging his stay in ICU, are not in & of themselves bad. At least, for now, he's left the chest tube alone. I think his darkest hours will come when he's well enough to leave ICU but not well enough to be transferred to the rehab hospital & they'll have him on the regular care floor. As anyone with any ICU experience will tell you, ICU Nurses are honest to goodness angels & their patient load is so small (two patients per ICU Nurse) that the level of care he receives in ICU will not be even close on the regular floor. So anything that can minimize his time there may turn out to be a great blessing.

He's still breathing fine on his own & when he gets the horrible but healing cough after awhile he'll let you know that he needs the nurse to come & suction his lungs. It's such another of many painful things he's enduring right now. My mom said he's really trying to talk again today & though he can't, he's made it clear he wants out of there & he wants to go home.

His temperature also is holding steady.

The priest who worked closely with the State basketball team came by to see Brian today & though Brian was sleeping soundly when he came, he stayed awhile to talk with Brian & my parents & prayed for him. From hearing my mom's report of the decreased fear & agitation he showed today, we can have no doubts that our constant prayers on his behalf are being answered.

Eliana & my parents did give him a break this evening & let him loose, just making sure they pretty much held his hands in case he tried any funny business, I'm sure he appreciated the break.

My father has a meeting tomorrow with the trauma social worker to begin filling out the paperwork to find possible financial resources to help provide for Brian's recovery. We all know how convoluted & bureaucratic this sort of stuff can be, but if there's anybody up to the challenge of making sure Brian's needs are met in ways we can control, we all know it's Kermit.

Anyway, please keep praying for our Houdini!


  1. Oh goodness, this one sure made me laugh...Houdini...Brian I'm not sure how you even manage to keep getting those tubes out despite having nurses and family with you most of the time. You are persistent, that's for sure. I will say my prayers for you tonight B...I love ya, see you soon Bear.

  2. i just wanted to write to say that my wife and i have been following the blog from day 1 and throughout the holidays. our hearts go out to you all. brian's a great guy with a lot of amazing family and really good friends. we're hoping and praying that he makes a speedy recovery. take care of each other and thanks for all the updates!

  3. Great update Kara! Brian – I can only imagine how agitating all of this is and I know you’ve got tons of people telling you not to pull at this and that, yada yada…but seriously, try to stop pulling your tubes out “Houdini”---not cool!! (Clever nickname by the way!) I am so glad to hear of your progress each day. See, God is working little miracles for you all the time. You are strong physically and mentally and you will pull through this an even stronger person. I will continue to say prayers for you throughout each day. Have FAITH…and a little patience. This, too, shall pass.

  4. Brian,
    Please be patient. If you need help with this term, I looked up the definition for you.

    pa·tient (pā'shənt) adj.
    1. Bearing or enduring pain, difficulty, provocation, or annoyance with calmness.
    2. Marked by or exhibiting calm endurance of pain, difficulty, provocation, or annoyance.
    3. Tolerant; understanding: an unfailingly patient leader and guide.
    4. PERSERVERING (you should know this one); constant
    5. Capable of calmly awaiting an outcome or result; not hasty or impulsive.

    I am just giving you a hard time. I know you know how to be patient, just show us that quality for a little bit longer. Look at how patient and consistent you have been with me throughout our friendship!!! I always said, 'Good things come to those who wait!' Please be good this week and I'll see you soon.


  5. Keeeeeeeeeter, Sarah is right...please be patient, so we can stop worrying about you pulling on things!!! We just want you safe and home too, but not with you prolonging the process as Houdini! I know you can't help it though, and we would probably all want to do the same thing. Do you know how lucky you are to have so many great people there for you through all of this - family, friends, nurses, angels, God...

    See you this week.


  6. Brian,
    Robin and I went to the Hurricanes game at the RBC on Saturday night.
    All of the sudden she points at the scoreboard and it says in big letters "The Hurricanes would like to wish Brian Keeter a speedy recovery!"
    I found myself laughing when I saw it. First I thought of you, then I thought of the IMs you would always send me stating your dislike of the local hockey team.

    You're a funny man and I miss chatting with you.
    Please get well soon,

    Frank & Robin

  7. Brian,

    We've been thinking about you constantly and are happy to hear that despite some minor setbacks (try to leave those tubes alone Brian!) you're making steady progress. As a little current event news, you'll be happy to know Russell Wilson just threw a 50-yard touch down pass. Stay strong and we'll see you this week!

    Sean & Melissa

  8. Keeter, we have always known about "the gopher's" lack of verbal skill. This time, bro, she's got it right! PATIENCE, my man, I can't imagine how difficult this is. It's a process. Stay the course! You are on my mind every minute. Keep fighting! You have so much support behind you. I know you can do this. My prayers are with you.

  9. Hello Keeters and friends. My name is Tina. I was extremely lucky to have Brian assist in finding my new home. I closed two days after the accident. Brian, no worries Brady and Brett toke great care of the closing for us.
    I wanted to let you know that I have followed this blog the entire time it has been up. I am very open with thing with the guys at work about my life. So I let them know that I had this great broker to help me, and his misfortunes. I started reading the blog to them and about everyday. Even though we are South/North Carolina rivals, you should know that there are new Wolf pack fans because of you. We are hooked on you progress so keep at it. Keeters hang in there. Tina Couch