Thursday, January 1, 2009

Moving Day

Brian officially relocated. He's still in trauma icu but he's been demoted, promoted, I don't know how you look at it--either way--the medical team feel he's a lot stronger & in a lot less need of immediate care. They placed him a room right across from the nurse's station & are still monitoring much of his vitals.

I know the visiting hours are different in this part of the still 11th floor but I don't know to what extent. I do know the staff continue to be generous & flexible with Brian & visitors so the move should not impact visitor allowances at all. I also think my parents are forcing themselves to take these other visitor time for breaks. I have only an idea of how hard this is for them both as I miss being with Brian constantly as my brother & I can only imagine what I'd do if he were my son. I almost think it is harder to relinquish some responsibility & control than to try & maintain it. This is where I have to thank God that He's in control & once you truly come to know that His will is for an ultimate (& oft unseen to us because it's beyond here) good, you can receive some much needed freedom in that trust & realization.

He had some New Years Eve & New Years Day visitors...his super supportive Charlotte friends brought him a cheeseburger last night & I hear he had a lovely lunch of pasta & green beans with Eliana today, though the tea & apple juice weren't quite as tasty. She said she kept trying to make him eat more to the point he kept pulling his blanket over his head & hiding. It's so great to hear that he's eating pretty well & showing some personality. A friend Eli brought from Durham today even got one of B's killer fake smiles.

A couple of other friends also made the drive from Raleigh to see him for a little while today. It is so encouraging to see that Brian's support continues to grow the further along he comes, he's going to need it. We continue to get such outpourings of help, we know we are all going to need it.

His heartbeat still looks good, which they were pleased to see, as some ongoing irregularities can be expected. He's still on a lot of medicine for the pain & still spending a lot of time sleeping.

My mom said they've finished the book of John & moved onto Matthew. Matthew was the tax collector who Jesus asked to follow him, tax collectors often skimmed off the pot for themselves & were pretty much despised by the general population as much as prostitutes. People thought Jesus was nuts for hanging out with people like this but that's what so great about Him--He didn't care. He just wanted to make life better for anyone willing to ask for it.

Anyway, Brian pretty much sleeps peacefully when she reads, given the agitation we've witnessed up until this point, that's a good thing! He still passes time trying to get at the tubes but apparently they are letting him spend a little less time restrained. He's also still trying to talk but it seems it might still just be a little too early.

I've got a great guest post I'm going to put up here shortly. It's quite timely given some folk's propensity to making resolutions right now, though admittedly, I'm just not one of those resolutions people...


  1. Brian,
    You're doing so well and whether you think so or not, you look great! We like the longer hair ;) Thanks for letting us spend time with you and allowing us to see how hard you're trying. Each time we visit, you are getting better and better. Hope you like the new room, it's smaller, but at least there is a real window this time! Meador is coming down today (Friday) and has already prepared some "material" he says to get you going. What a dork, he's probably even been practicing.
    We can't wait to hear your voice again! See you soon.


  2. Happy New Year Brian and Keeters! I am so happy to hear about Brian's progress and recent move. Looks like 2009 is already getting off to a great start for him and I know it will only get better! Brian, I'm thinking about you everyday and I can't wait to come visit again soon.