Saturday, December 20, 2008


Brian continues to show strength & progress towards recovery.

Last night, though again, we had to take it easy on him & spent most of the time quietly reading to him, & holding his hand, & stroking his hair, he's really starting to show some Brian-specific responsiveness.

His girlfriend came with the latest addition of ESPN magazine to catch Brian up on some missed highlights.

I thought I'd share the conversation we had with him shortly after she arrived:

Me: Brian?
B: Raises eyebrows...
M: Eliana's here.
B: Squeezes our hands...
M: Do you hear her?
B: Slightly nods yes...
M: Would you like us to leave you alone with her for awhile?
B: Vigorous nod yes...
Dad: Is it okay if I stay?
B: Vigorous nod no...

So, we left them in peace. ;)


  1. Good morning Brian,

    I hope you had a restful, uneventful, healing night. I look forward to seeing you soon, eyes wide open and full of that Keeter sarcasim that we all know and love. I along with all the other Cary folks are with you today in spirit and prayer. Fight even harder today and know that you are in out thoughts and prayers every minute.

  2. now that sounds like the Brian I know and love! always wanting to be around the ladies! so good to see that personality coming out :)

  3. Brian,

    I'm looking forward to being around that great Keeter humor again soon. You are such a trooper. I'm so glad to hear with each day you are getting stronger! You have such an amazing support group. Your family is so strong, your friends so caring and your girlfriend so loving. I want you to know you are in my thoughts and prayers.