Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dripping Sarcasm

Really quickly:

My mom said Brian was in a teasing mood today.
She asked him if he was in pain and he nodded his head "no." She asked him if he wanted her to leave & leave him alone & he nodded his head "yes."

Too bad, no of us are going anywhere.


  1. Kara, thank you so much for putting this blog together for everyone who is concerned about Brian. You're such an awesome big sister :) I really enjoy reading what you have to write... you're so positive and have a such a great faith in the Lord. It's really wonderful. I am definitely keeping Brian in my prayers and hope for a full recovery. You have such a strong family and I love you all!!


  2. It's awesome to know he's already getting back to the Keeter we all love. I would expect more sarcasm in the near future. Thank you so much for doing this, Kara. I know you all have to be exhausted. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and the family as well.

  3. Brian,

    Just got home from the NCSU - ECU game. Coach Lowe gave me the game ball to deliver to you. The entire basketball family is thinking of you and praying for you, and all have said you will prevail and make an amazing recovery.

    Also, I miss getting your text messages with you comments on the games. Hurry up and get texting......

  4. Yeah, that is Brian. Kara it is great to have this Blog!!! Thank you from all that are reading it.

  5. hehe that is the Keeter I know

  6. Kara,
    Thanks for keeping us posted with this blog. We thank George Lemons too for letting us know about it after talking with your dad. Please know that Brian as well as all of the Keeter family is in our thoughts and prayers and miracles indeed do happen.

    Rod and Ann Gonski

  7. Sounds like you are making remarkable progress Brian. Hang in there - Our thought and prayers are with you. Thanks for the updates Kara- Brian is lucky to have such a strong and supportive group of family and friends.

    Sue and Pat Gagan

  8. Kara, thanks for keeping us posted with this blog. Brian, good to hear of your progress. You are in my prayers, and those of my prayer partners. Our Lord Jesus Christ will help you and give you the strength you need. Rest in HIM.
    Sue Webb

  9. Hi Family,
    Oh, that Keeter humor! Nana must be one of the angels at his side responding like that! What a good sign! Humor often is the best medicine & I'm glad he's showing through the pain meds. I know this must be a comfort to you all.Bob & I love you all very much & have you in our prayers. Brian, you stay sassy & know your cousin out here at the end of the Earth loves you, is pulling for you, and has enormous faith in your recovery. This blog is wonderful Kara, bravo!

  10. Brian,

    Just wanted to say good morning, I hope you had a restful night, and that many good things happen to you today, keep fighting, listen to the doctors, rest well, and trust in the Lord, He will make great things happen. I wish I was there, hopefully soon, but know that you are never out of my thoughts and prayers.

  11. Hello Keeter family: Firstly Kara, thanks for putting this up and to the rest of the keeter family, we are believing with you that God will move in a big way in this whole situation. We are thinking of you guys constantly... To my main man Brian Keeter: I am going to do everything I can to get down to see you so we can discuss various simpsons episodes and why Herb did not play us more and why it was a bad idea to add "regular, student body walk-ons" to the already incredible duo of "recruited walk-ons" he already had... Im thinking of you my man, you will pull through this and we will see that ugly jumper on the court once again.. love you bro, carl

  12. Hello Keeter family:first let me say i already miss you guys and it was great to see all of you last night..To my buddy Keet you stay strong and keep fightin dog. I was glad to have gotten a chance to see you last and I'm gonna come back as much as I can. Not sure if you heard TC, Dirty and me last night, but we want you better quick so we can hear those great Keeter one liners!! Get some rest and We are thinking about you! Love ya buddy