Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Great Success!

Just heard from my dad--Brian's surgery went as well as the surgeons could have hoped it would.

He handled the surgery well (He's so strong & being made even stronger by a God who has answered so many of your prayers!), the spine is now fused, set exactly where it needs to be, & he's being transferred back into ICU. My parents hope to visit with him shortly.

This officially marks the beginning of the long road of rehabilitation & recovery. Brian's going to have a tough couple days where they'll go easy on him but it won't be long until the spiritual, mental, & physical work that comes with a recovery like this begins.

Thank you again for your well wishes & please be personally encouraged in the positive outlook for Brian's future & for help in your own hardships by Brian's strong witness that we know a loving God who answers prayer!


  1. So good to hear, Kara. Please pass along warm wishes from O'Toole and Mrs O'Toole! We are thinking of Brian and hope to get to see him soon.

    Thank you for putting together this blog!

  2. We are so glad that your surgery was a success. You are a fighter! We will continue to pray for you and your family.

    Will and Jennifer

  3. Awesome news, but then again, that's Brian...always an overachiver!!!!

  4. Great News! There have been a lot of prayers sent Brian's way from here in Alabama. Let Brian know we love him and he is in our thoughts and prayers constantly. We plan on making a trip to see him ASAP. Thanks for keeping us posted. Keep the good news coming!

  5. This is wonderful news!! Brian, I know you are going to pull through strong... you have always come out on top. My family and I have been thinking about you non stop. Michael and Mama Scates say to keep fighting... and we know you will. We all love you very much and we will see you very soon!

  6. Great to hear the surgery went well! Keep your head up, Brian, and keep fighting! We know you will, you've got an awesome supporting cast.

    Thoughts are with you,

    Pat Clark

  7. Thank you everyone for being so supportive with your beautiful words of encouragement. I know that Brian, as well as the Keeter family is very grateful! We must all keep our faith, for God has shown us that if we believe in Him and pray to Him, He will show us the way.

  8. I am so happy to hear the progress Brian is making! You all have been in my thoughts and prayers constantly. My family and I will continue to send well wishes and positive thoughts your way. Kara, thank you so much for keeping us all updated! Brian, stay strong and keep fighting! You have so much love and support. I hope to visit you and your family very soon.


  9. Such good news! The Vlazny's are all pulling for him, and the rest of you. There will always be a soft spot for the Keeter's in our hearts. You are all in our prayers. The Scriptures are always a source of great comfort and peace.

  10. Great news!!! Brian, I've always known that you carry an inner strength and confidence that makes you a very special person. It's because of this strength that I'll never be surprised when I hear that you've made yet another positive progression!

    I want you to know that a wave of people have asked me to let you know that you're in their prayers: Joe O, Galloway, Davidson, Mazda, Tom and Evie, Sam, Dave, Tom C, Greenway, Hudgins, Roposh, Brent Brandow and Coach Dotson are all behind you!

    Keep strong brother and I'll see you soon,