Thursday, July 5, 2012

July Update from Brian

For those who may not know, I did end up recently having a same day surgery to remove the hardware put in my leg from fracturing my femur about a year ago. Like I mentioned a couple of months ago we found out that the type of frequency used with this stim device could melt titanium like the titanium hardware in my leg. This was definitely a disappointment since I had to completely stop using it on my left quad and hamstring. This also was frustrating since my leg was already smaller and weaker than my right and the imbalance was only going to get worse from the gains made with my stim.

I decided to make an appointment with my ortho doctor to discuss if and when that hardware could be removed. We took some X-rays and I was pleasantly surprised to learn that my bone had healed enough to remove the hardware! I went in on a Monday and due to a cancellation I was able to get it done the Friday of that same week. I was put under for the surgery but was actually allowed to leave the same day. I was not allowed to drive myself home so I had a friend help me out. I never would have guessed I could arrive at the hospital at 7:30 am and be put under for a 45 minute procedure and be able to leave by 2 pm. I left under no restrictions other than being careful to not get my stitches wet or have them come out. I continued my weekly therapy at Shepherd but we were just careful with the stitches and I was able to take them out 10 days after surgery.

I am still on the same stim protocol that I started in June with plans to move to the next protocol in August. I am thankful I am now able to stim my left leg but I have to start with the first protocol since it has not been stimmed in a few months and has to play catch up. So that means I cannot do the right and left hamstrings and quads at the same time since they require different settings. That means my six day a week stim therapy will go from a little over two and a half hours to over three hours. It was already hard to fit it all in with work and my other therapy but I am going to make sure I get it in with the belief that staying with it will pay off in time.

I will keep everyone posted!