Friday, May 27, 2011

May Update from Brian

It has been a pretty busy last few weeks. After about 3 ½ months in Atlanta, I moved my stuff out of my friend Chris's house and came back to Charlotte.  Most people know the last 30 days or so of my time in Atlanta I did not get to do much due to the fracture I sustained in my left leg.  This was definitely frustrating because I was getting stronger in the therapy that I was doing and it put a halt to everything.  The good new is that my fracture is healing.  The swelling is going down and the throbbing has calmed down. I think it will probably be another 30 days before I am cleared to get back to bearing weight.

Overall I had a good time in Atlanta, not only with some productive therapy but just in general.  I really enjoyed my time with Chris and his wife Dana and had fun getting to know their 18 month old son, Graham.  Not only was it good to be around his family, I also actually did more there then I ever did at home in Charlotte. We went to the Georgia Aquarium, which was pretty amazing and I also went to a number of Atlanta Braves baseball games. I may not the biggest baseball fan but I had a good time going and got to always take Chris, who loves baseball, and some others on several occasions. I also got to see some other old friends I have in that part of the country and also became friends with a lot of the staff and other people I met at Shepherd.

While I was there I actually decided that it would make sense for me to move to Atlanta full time. The Shepherd Center is probably the best place in the country I can be for therapy and also a place where you are more likely to learn about or even get involved in emerging therapies and upcoming trials.  I am moving there because recovery is still my top priority but it is also my hope to take on some part time work and even looking into some potential career training while I have some time.  I am scheduled to move into an apartment in Buckhead by the middle of June. While I am excited about the move it is a little further away then I would like to be from my family and friends in Raleigh. At this time it does make sense for my goals.

A few weeks ago also brought about the time for the second annual Hope To Walk Classic in Raleigh. The fund-raising activities were great and I had a good time.  While nobody probably ever knows how to feel and act when you have so many people doing so much for you, I can say that this year I was mostly just looking forward to it.  We had an unbelievable turn out and I do not know how to thank everybody  involved.  Once again, Dave McGee did another amazing job organizing the event and my sisters and parents showed great support as well.  Those couple of days serve as a great reminder how lucky I am despite facing some tough circumstances. Not only is there a need for the financial help I have received, but it also serves as motivation on some of the tougher days to be motivated and stick with things.

I hope to be moved to Atlanta by the middle of June and be cleared from the fracture to restart therapy and see what kind of progress I can make at the Shepherd Center.  I am excited and hopeful about the future and I cannot thank each and everyone of you enough.  Without your time, your efforts, your donations, and your support, in no way would the progress I've made and the progress I'm hopeful is to come ever be possible.

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  1. That's great news. We're praying for you. You are an inspiration Brian!