Monday, May 4, 2009

Guest Post from Brian's Dad, Kermit

Below my dad wanted to share a little bit more about some of the day-to-day experiences on the road to recovery with Brian (Brian, if you ever read this post please note that these comments are totally unedited--so any & all eye rolls, etc. should be directed specifically to Dad. Thanks. ;).

However, before the below-misadventure begins, on behalf of Brian & the entire family; thank you so much to all of you for all your generous support through gifts made directly to Brian, my parents, & through NTAF.

We have made the PDF of Brian's appeal letter available for anyone interested in printing & sharing with others who may have an interest in helping or soliciting financial assistance for Brian as well.

I am also discussing with my Dad the possibility of starting his own blog to continue sharing some of the day-to-day encounters of this ever odd couple. I mean, heck, he's on Facebook now, why wouldn't he have a blog, right?

So, please stay tuned...

In no way can I come close to duplicating Kara's writings in this blog. Not only did she pen Brian's initial steps on his long road towards recovery, but she's provided a testimony for our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ.

Kara is nearing the projected date for Faye's (our granddaughter) arrival. So for the time being, I (Brian's Dad) will share with you Brian's recovery efforts. I do so believing that others seeking hope for recovery from paralysis will find this epic beneficial. My belief of at least partial cures for paralysis is not emulating from a grieving father desperate for hope. Rather, it is based upon hours & hours of research, venturing into the worlds of neuroscience & bioengineering. God willing, Brian will be successful in his recovery efforts against tough odds as will others via emerging therapies. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

First Father-Son Outing:
As Brian & I neared the entrance to Harris-Teeter, I wondered if he would cling close to me. The answer came quickly--it was as if the checkered flag had been waved. I barely caught a glimpse of him as he wheeled deep into Aisle 2. A glimpse of my reflection in a mirror offered a reasonable explanation. Was it me or Christoper Lloyd ("Back to the Future") staring back? I had dressed for my best impression of a crazed scientist or an old man recently escaped from confinement. Unkempt with much too long white hair was accented by my attempts to pass off bedroom slippers as real shoes. I much prefer sweat pants to slacks and yes, pulled well high as was the custom in the 1960s. My t-shirt read: "in the absence of horizontal thermal advection, diabactic processes determine precipitation type" - "geek speak" for will it be rain, sleet, or snow?
Okay then, I would keep my distance. However, Brian's whereabouts were easily traceable from his dropping items into our grocery basket--Fruity Pebbles, Vienna Cream Cookies, Edy's frozen lime Popsicles. As his items continued to fill the basket, the thought occurred to me--was he testing me in public? Would this crazed looking old guy tell the well-kept & nice looking young man in the wheel chair, enough already; put it back!

For our next outing, maybe a remote public park where no Fruity Pebbles are in reach would be a better venue? Maybe you all have ideas for Brian & Kermit's next outing on Brian's road into the future & on toward recovery?


  1. Thanks for the continued updates and please know that all of you remain in my thoughts and prayers daily. I am so glad I had a chance to catch up with Brian Sunday night while I was in town and am always excited to hear about his progress!