Thursday, February 16, 2012

January Update from Brian

I have been kind of procrastinating on an update since I have yet to get my hands on the Austrian Stim Unit I have been dying to get since May 2011. The last time I wrote I really thought I would have begun the stim program and shared that and maybe some video to show it.  I guess I should not be surprised since it took me about seven months to convince people and find a way to get something that is not FDA approved in the USA. The latest delay is that the makers of the product were updating the firmware and a few features of the device and we all thought that ultimately it would be best to wait. I hope that it ends up being worth it. 
The good news is that Shepherd seems to really be on board doing the study. I just reviewed the study and signed the consent forms and they are pretty much waiting on me to get the device to get this thing going. I knew that they did have an interest but I thought it would be pretty relaxed and just have me maybe check in periodically to see if there have been any noticeable or visible changes in my muscle size or movements.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that we are collaborating with UGA and getting an MRI and other testing done to get a baseline of where I am before I begin the training. This is actually going to be a yearlong study with various tests at other intervals throughout the trial. As I have said before it takes time to see benefits with the device.  It may be a couple of months before I start seeing gains and six months or more to really have a good idea of how beneficial it may become. I do take Shepherd’s investment of time into it as a good sign.
Good news on the family front. My older sister, Kara, had her third kid last week! In my world deciding to have three on purpose is crazy but I am sure Iris Jane will bring us all a lot of joy. She was just over 7 pounds and 20 and ½ inches.  I have only been able to see pictures but look forward to meeting her in a few months. Something a little crazy but impressive that I was told is that even a few days before and the actual day Kara went into labor, she was running three miles on a treadmill!!!  I cannot imagine being pregnant period much less full term and running.  I know a lot of people cannot run period.  I enjoyed seeing the pictures of Iris Jane but they also make me miss being in NC. I do not dislike being in Atlanta but know that I would not be here if I never had my accident and would prefer to be closer to friends and family but for now this is where I need to reside.
Speaking of things that make me miss home, planning has begun for the 3rd annual Hope To Walk charity golf event and information is being sent out.  I cannot believe that there is going to be a third one and that it is just months away. I am glad to hear that this year it will be held on a Friday, May 18th, which will make it easier for out of town folks to attend, I hope.  I am looking forward to this event and I am very fortunate and blessed to have this event held for me again.
I am not going to speculate about the device but I will be shocked if I do not have it by the next time to write an update. Once I get the device I will work up to training with it two hours a day, which will make me have to balance my time even better then I already do, which will be a challenge but one I look forward to. I have included one short video of me doing some full body workout at Shepherd. This is mostly working my core and chest and arms. The priority has been and will always be my lower body but we also look for ways to challenge the rest of my body, especially my core, which you need for just about everything.

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