Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Must See Video

Okay, so in posting Brian's update, I was double checking the links to make sure they remained intact & saw that RTW has a video of Brian in action on his client page.  Well, this video was great.  Tears in my eyes, great.  My brother, near death in December 2008, released from the hospital in March 2009 declared paralyzed at T-11, bedridden for I can't even remember how many months (Three?  More? Edit: Brian just informed me it was actually seven) from a horrible pressure wound, is actually experiencing some movement in his hip flexors & some muscle contractions/growth in his upper legs.

So, why Brian would never tell any of us much of this (and letting us know about the video?--forget about it) because it is so, so encouraging to see, I just don't know.  Wait.  I do.  It's Brian.  Some for better, some for worse, that's just the way he is.

I'm freaking out about this video & call him to tell him how much progress I can't believe he's made & then he proceeds to tell me this video is, like, really old.  Like monthS old.  So, he's grown (which was evident when we had a great time seeing him this weekend) even more since then.

Which leads me once again to thanking all of you--without your support, your encouragement, your prayers, your donations, who knows if Brian would even be able to have the chance to experience these gains.

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