Friday, June 5, 2009

Thank You from Brian

I apologize that it has taken me so long to add to Kara's blog. Honestly, its been quite an adjustment dealing with the things I have to face for now. Sometimes I feel like it is a bad dream I have not woken up from.

I just wanted to thank you all for the tremendous amount of support I have received since my accident in December. I have been out of the hospital for a couple of months & continue to be pleasantly surprised with the amount of visitors, cards, & financial donations I receive.

I am working hard everyday with outpatient therapy appointments, my own trips to the hospital gym, & with the hopes to start some new recovery therapy soon. It really does continue to be a major adjustment to not be able to do many of the active things I have enjoyed for the majority of my life.

I still remain confident that with a positive attitude & the ongoing support of my friends & family that I am going to get through this challenge & even come out of it all a better person. The road to recovery is going to be a long & challenging one. The wonderful support group I am so fortunate to have in you all is so helpful in providing me the strength to continue working towards it.

Thanks again for your continued prayers, kindness & support,
Brian Keeter

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  1. Hey, Brian – Good to hear from you. Don’t feel bad about not posting until now – you have a challenging life! I know that God has a good plan for your life. We don’t go in a straight line from “here to there”, but God is with you at every step. You are always in my prayers. May He bless you, and may you find true joy from the Giver of all joy.

    Sue Webb